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Until a few years back, video editing could only be done by professionals working in sophisticated studios and who have undergone extensive trainings to master this art. However, due to the launch of the various home editing software, you can now create studio quality videos right from your home. The discussion ahead provides you an overview of some of these home editing software.

The first product in the line is the Corel VideoStudio Express 2010 (Win) (EN) and the compatible media type is DVD-ROM. It is a full version software and the license type is single-user. The home editing software can import and export formats like HDV, AVI, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 and QuickTime and is compatible with operating systems like MS Windows XP, MS Windows 7 and MS Windows Vista. The Corel VideoStudio Express 2010 (Win) (EN) is Pentium 32-Bit compatible and the processor requirement is 3,000 MHz. The minimum hard drive requirement of the software is 1000 MB and the RAM requirement is 1024 MB.

The Magix Rescue Your Videotapes 2 (EN) is a video effects software and the license type is single user. It can take a back up of your valuable VHS cassette recordings and other tape formats to your PC or a DVD. The home editing software is compatible with MS Windows 2000, MS Windows XP and MS Windows Vista operating systems and the minimum hard drive requirement is 1000 MB. With the Magix Rescue Your Videotapes 2 (EN), you can Optimise and restore image and sound with just a click and also upload videos directly to YouTube.


The Japanese multinational company Hitachi believes in being the first in the market to come up with landscape-changing consumer electronic products. The most recent illustration of this long-standing tradition is the launch of the first Blu-ray disc camcorders of the world. The two camcorders included in this range of Hitachi Blu Ray camcorder are the Hitachi DZ-BD70A and the Hitachi DZ-BD7HA.

The Hitachi DZ-BD70A Blu-Ray camcorder consists of 5.3-Megapixel CMOS image sensor and has an HD quality 12-element lens system both of which work together in delivering life-like images with rich and immersive colours. It is a single drive camcorder and on an 8cm single-sided Blu-ray disc (BD-R and BD-RE), the camcorder can record up to one hour of Full HD 1920 x 1080 high definition video. It also contains an SD card slot for storing stills at 4.32 Megapixel resolution. Another interesting feature of the Hitachi Blu Ray camcorder is its Photo Capture function that allows you to browse through recordings on a Blu-ray disc, grab any still frame of the video and save it as a still photograph to the inserted SD card in 2.1 Megapixel resolution. In addition, the Hitachi DZ-BD70A Blu-Ray camcorder also allows video recording in SD quality resolution to DVD discs.

The next model in the range of Hitachi Blu Ray camcorder is the Hitachi DZ-BD7HA which is a hybrid model as it allows Blu-ray disc recording and also has a 30 GB built-in HDD that can record up to 4 hours of HD video. The hybrid model also allows the copying of contents from HDD to BD by the simple push of a button.


A camera is a very fragile device which can be severely damaged by the slightest of shocks and bumps. All you have to do in order to protect your camera is to buy one of the durable camera cases that are available in the market. You should always buy a camera case which is specially made for the model of camera you own. Some of the most durable camera cases include Crumpler Messenger Boy 7500, Lowepro Primus AW, Crumpler Pretty Boy XXL, Lowepro Apex 100 AW and Canon DCC-80. The Crumpler Messenger Boy 7500 is made using quality nylon which makes it water resistant.

It is a very durable bag and has enough space to carry 2 SLR cameras, 4 additional lenses and other accessories. It is shoulder bag and you can easily carry it on your shoulders. It is also available in a variety of exciting colours, making it one of the more stylish camera cases. An empty bag weighs around 770 g which is quite low for a bag of this size. The exterior and interior dimensions of this shoulder bag are around 36 X 21 X 18 cm and 32 X 17 X 14 cm. If you feel that sling bags are more comfortable then Lowepro Slingshot 200 AW is suitable for you.

This bag can carry an SLR camera, 4 additional lenses and a flash unit. This bag will protect the camera and camera equipment from shocks as well as adverse weather conditions. You can easily buy some of the most durable camera cases at a store near your home.

The HDD camcorder records the video on a hard disk provided in it. The device is very convenient to use because you don’t have to install some sought of Mini DV or Mini DVD. Sony is manufacturing some of the most advanced HDD camcorders that offer crystal clear videos and are installed with various other features. Some of the best Sony HDD camcorders include Sony DCR-SR37E (DCRSR37E) and Sony DCR-SX30E (DCRSX30E). The Sony DCR-SR37E (DCRSR37E) supports MPEG 2 video format. The optical zoom of the device is around 60 X and the digital zoom is 2000 X which enables you to clearly record distant objects.

It is fitted with a very high quality Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar lens. The 2.7 inch LCD screen of this camcorder works as a viewfinder. You can even view already recorded videos on the LCD screen. It supports various picture formats such as 4:3and 16:9. The hard disk memory of this device is around 60 GB which is more than enough to store hours of recording at the same time. The memory can be expanded by installing a Memory Stick (MS). It is fixed with a USB 2.0 port so that you can connect it directly with the computer.

The entire device weighs around 300 g which is pretty low for a HDD camcorder. The built in speakers of this device offers clear quality audio. The fabulous rechargeable battery offers a shooting time of around 11 continuous hours. You can even record quality still images using the high quality Sony HDD camcorders.


MiniDV camcorders are referred to those camcorders that support the popular digital format called MiniDV. The format is capable of delivering sound and video in much sharper and better quality and the camcorders allow capturing of videos and audios on high-density cassette tapes. Such camcorders also make importing of video content to a PC lot simpler and easier and they also offer the facility of being hooked to a television or VCR for the purpose of display or copy. One of the leading manufacturers of Mini DV camcorders is JVC and some of the popular models from the company have been discussed ahead.

The first in the range of JVC MiniDV camcorders is the JVC GR-D820. It includes CCD image sensor that offers gross pixels of about 800,000. The optical included in the camcorder is 35 X and the digital zoom is 80 X. Together all these features contribute in delivering videos worth admiring. The JVC camcorder also has a 2.7 inch LCD display that allows easy browsing through the functions of the camcorder and also provides a clear playback of the previously captured videos.

The next best choice in the range of JVC MiniDV camcorders is the JVC GR-D53. It also comes with a CCD image sensor but the optical zoom included is 16 X, which is admittedly on the lower side for most JVC camcorders. It has a built-in image stabilizer that helps in getting those flawless video results and the integrated microphone helps in recording sharp and clear audios.

Some other names in the range of JVC Mini DV camcorders include the JVC GR-D93, JVC GR-D73E and the JVC GR-D70E.


Technological advancements have led to the invention of a number of devices that leave you amused and wonder for a while. One such gadget in the field of photography is the HDD camcorder. It is a video camera with an internal hard drive and thus frees you from the hassle of managing tapes. With an HDD camcorder, you no longer need to upload the tapes into computers for converting them into a digital file. You simply can copy a video file from hard drive to the other and also copy to a hard drive directory. HDD camcorders not only save a lot of your time and efforts but also provide you a safer mode of storing your video files compared to the tapes. The first HDD camcorder was developed and marketed by Samsung in 2003 and since then it has come up with number of other models of HDD camcorders.

Apart from Samsung, another leading manufacturer of HDD camcorders is Sony. Sony HDD camcorders are high on performance and quality and have set new standards for its competitors in the market. To name a few of the top quality HDD camcorders of Sony, there are the Sony HDR-XR520VE (HDRXR520VE), Sony DCR-SR37E (DCRSR37E), Sony DCR-SR38 (DCRSR38), Sony HDR-XR200VE (HDRXR200VE), Sony HDR-XR105E (HDRXR105E) and the Sony HDR-XR500 (HDRXR500).

Another popular manufacturer of HDD camcorder is Panasonic and some of the popular models launched recently by the company include the Panasonic SDR-H81, Panasonic HDC-HS300, Panasonic HDC-TM300, Panasonic SDR-H90, Panasonic SDR-H80 and the Panasonic HDC-HS200.


For all the professional photographers, it is essential to use right kind of equipment so as to click and record quality pictures. Use of professional camcorders id advisable while working on any project because this professional equipment will give your pictures an extra edge over others. The clarity and the detailing in pictures can only be experienced through high grade camcorders specially designed to meet the needs of professionals.

If you are a professional photographer, you must start with three chip cameras which also offer wide range of creative controls for enhanced photography experience. Some of the most sought after professional camcorders include the Canon XH A1 which is a high end camcorder for independent filmmakers available at affordable prices. Through Sony Professional Handheld HDV Camcorder, you can take your movie making experience to different heights. With 3.2 inch LCD screen, this camcorder features Exmor technology and three built-in neutral density filters.

Another great option in professional camcorders is the Panasonic AG-HVX200, which is an excellent camcorder which promises you professional high definition photography. If you are looking for low prices and high quality, then this Panasonic products excels all the way. For the ultimate cinematic experience, this professional camcorder comes with SD recording formats and various other frame rates.

One has to be really careful while buying professional camcorders, or any camcorder for that matter, because certain factors need to be kept in mind to ensure you get the most of your photography experience. You have to make sure that your camcorder is compatible with other accessories because this important thing cannot be ignored. Look out for models that serve the purpose with superb colour and picture quality.


Digital photo frames are one of the best selling products which are fast replacing the traditional photo frames. Just like traditional photo frames the digital photo frames are available in a variety of sizes so that you can choose according to the preference. The Compositor PF 10.008 is the smallest digital photo frame whose display measures around 1.4 inch. The resolution of the main display is around 102 X 80 Pixel which is quite good for such a small screen. It is a very small device but supports a number of picture formats some of which include JPEG, TIFF, GIF and BMP.

This device is also installed with a USB 2.0 port which enables you to directly connect it with your computer and transfer images. As far as digital photo frames go, you basically can't get any smaller. Another digital photo frame which has a slightly bigger screen but the body is quite small is the Sweex 1.5" Digital Photo Key Chain. The screen size of this device is around 1.5 inch which offers a resolution of 128 X 128 Pixel. It supports various picture formats which include PNG, JPEG, TIFF, GIF and BMP. The internal memory of this Sweex device is around 2 MB and you can view the images as a slideshow.

The dimensions of this device are around 44 X 58 X 11 mm which is more than enough. The Philips AJL305/12 can also be crowned as the smallest digital photo frame because it has a sleek design and a screen which measures around 1.5 inch.

A mini DV camcorder is a video recording device which stores data on high density cassette tapes. These are very advanced handycam devices and are generally used by professionals. The mini Sony DV camcorder is one of the best among various other such camcorders available in the market. Some of the best mini Sony DV camcorders include the Sony HVR-V1E (HVRV1E), Sony DCR-HC37E (DCRHC37E), Sony HDR-HC9E (HDRHC9E), Sony DCR-HC51E (DCRHC51E) and Sony DCR-HC62E (DCRHC62E). The Sony HVR-V1E (HVRV1E) is a very advanced HD camcorder. It supports HDV formats and is equipped with a CMOS image sensor. The maximum resolution of the camcorder is around 1,440 X 810 Pixels.

The optical zoom of this very camcorder is around 20 X which is much more than normal. The image stabiliser and optical image stabiliser enhances the video quality of the device. This DV camcorder stores data in a Mini DV which can be easily replaced and installed. It is also installed with a night mode which enables you to record high quality videos even in the dark. You can even mount this camera on a tripod in order to record videos without any sort of jerks. The entire device weighs around 1500 g and can be easily carried.

The Sony DCR-HC37E (DCRHC37E) is another mini Sony DV camcorder. It is a very compact Mini DV camcorder is equipped with a CCD image sensor. It is equipped with a 2.5 inch LCD display which acts as a viewfinder. It offers a picture format of 4:3. You can easily buy these camcorders from a store near your home.

Small camcorders come very handy while you are travelling. Sony is manufacturing some of the smallest camcorders ever launched. These camcorders are so small that you can even carry them in your pocket. Being small does not mean that they are not capable of recording high quality images. But actually these camcorders offer superior quality video and audio. The best quality Sony smallest camcorder is the Sony MHS-PM1 (MHSPM1) Webbie HD. This is a HD camcorder which offers superior quality images at the touch of a button. This camcorder is very tiny and can be easily carried. The flashy orange colour and unique design gives it a stylish look.

The Sony MHS-PM1 (MHSPM1) Webbie HD offers two different video formats which include MPEG4-AVC and H.264 (AVCHD). Like all other HD camcorders it is equipped with a CMOS image sensor. The resolution of this tiny Sony camcorder is around 1,440 X 1,080 Pixels which is quite good. The digital zoom of this device is 4 X which is pretty less but what can you expect from a miniature HD camcorder. It is also fitted with a 1.8 inch LCD display that also works as a viewfinder. The lens speed of the device is around 3:6 and it supports 4:3 and 16:9 picture formats.

The Sony smallest camcorder is also installed with a Youtube mode which allows you to directly upload the recorded videos to You Tube. The device weighs around 120 g which is pretty low for a HD camcorder. Transferring recorded videos is pretty easy because it is equipped with a USB 2.0 port.


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